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Make the Most of Major Commercial Events

It’s that time again, another shopping holiday, how should your marketing team make the most of it?  Here’s a handy calendar of some of the Shopping Holidays in Australia. January February 1 New Year’s Day 20-30 Back to School  26 Australia Day 14 Valentine’s Day March April Good Friday (varies) Easter (varies) May June Mothers […]

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What Emails Should Ecommerce Brands Automate?

During the initial stages of constructing an Email Marketing strategy, brands will begin to wonder about the kind of approach they need to take when designing their email flows – paying particular attention to the type of messages customers will appreciate and the stage of the purchasing cycle they’re in.   Emails are split into […]

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Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Ecommerce Business

Email Marketing is well-known within the Ecommerce sphere, but its ability to contribute to brand revenue and maintain strong engagement with customers is often significantly underestimated. By failing to implement a solid Email Marketing strategy, businesses risk losing a lot of potential revenue. Email is powerful in the way it influences all stages of a […]

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