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Email automation can help you authentically connect with customers – converting new leads and increasing customer lifecycle value. Whether you need to align your existing email program to customer behaviour or need help creating a strategy from the start, Email Experts is here to help.

New subscribers. Repeat customers. More sales. The benefits of email automation are simple. But setting up high performance, data-driven email programs that make your customers feel valued and individual is a little more complex.  We help clients sell more online through email automation. To nurture customers through the purchase journey, we guide them through the customer purchase path, from browsing, to buying, to becoming repeat customers.

Don’t worry. Our supportive team works with business owners, in-house marketing teams and their agencies as trusted advisors. Drawing on our experience developing email marketing automation strategies for some of Australia’s most trusted brands, we assess your business needs based on your aspirations and help you get started.

About Email Experts

From JB Hi-Fi to Huxbaby and Bulk Nutrients, we work with some of Australia’s most trusted brands to grow email subscriber lists, engage with customers and keep them coming back for more. 

We are certified experts that use data to find the relationship between customer behaviour and sales performance, leverage predictive analytics to drive repeat business and create high-performance email automation programs that resonate with your customers.

Our data-driven approach to email automation can help make every customer’s journey with you more personal. Personalisation is the key to converting casual browsers into customers – and increasing customer lifetime value.

An Email Automation Project

Authentically connecting with customers

Bulk Nutrients, a leading sports supplement company, engaged Email Experts to increase customer spend through email marketing automation. With hundreds of thousands of customers and a replenishable range of products, Bulk Nutrients wanted to leverage email marketing automation to efficiently help customers achieve their diet and fitness goals.  Tailored product marketing, encouraging repeat purchases and growing their email subscriber list were important parts of their automation strategy. 

Making email marketing more effective 

Working together with Bulk Nutrients, we created an email automation program that authentically engaged customers with their individual diet and fitness goals. The program grew email revenue, increased monthly active subscribers and brought customers back to the website.  

We migrated Bulk Nutrients to an email marketing automation system powerful enough to leverage the insights of their customer data and take advantage of some of the best automation technology out there – predictive analytics. Whether the customer is interested in weight-lifting or weight-loss, Bulk Nutrients’ new email marketing flow makes the customer experience smoother by serving relevant messages and personalised diet-sensitive, goal-oriented product suggestions at precisely the right time. 

Mapping the customer lifecycle

How many different purchasing journeys can a customer take? For Bulk Nutrients, we mapped, designed and built over 80 automated emails to respond to different customer journeys based on behaviour, fitness goals and product preferences. Customers are prompted to place their next order at the right time based on their product lifecycle and order volume. Select emails cross-promote relevant products based on our predictive analytics model. We trigger emails designed to overcome purchase barriers when customers browse or abandon the cart. 

We helped grow Bulk Nutrients’ email subscriber list through a free sample program and ebooks loaded with recipes that hero their products. Their social media and advertising channels now seamlessly connect with email programs that convert new subscribers to customers. 

Email automation delivered new subscribers. Repeat customers. More sales.

“Email Experts brought years of experience in email marketing to our brand. We really appreciated the personalised explainer videos they provided us with. These quick little videos have helped our entire team navigate Klaviyo.” – Jarod, Digital Marketing Manager at Bulk Nutrients

Getting started…

We help brands make the transition away from sending untargeted mass email blasts towards personalised communications that leverage customers’ behaviour and lifecycle to prompt new and repeat sales.

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