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 JB Hi-Fi Email Marketing Strategy & Migration

JB Hi-Fi is Australia’s leading home entertainment retailer. As a publicly listed business that has hundreds of brick and mortar stores across the country and a substantial and rapidly growing online store, JB Hi-Fi has complex marketing needs to engage with their different customers.

JB Hi-Fi worked with Email Experts to integrate a new Email Marketing technology platform into their existing website and to implement leading Email Marketing strategies by understanding their customers better.

JB Hi-Fi has millions of customers and many product categories. JB Hi-Fi needed to empower their marketing team to engage with their customers quickly and easily. Understanding customer preferences helps them target customers with relevant messages. Email Experts worked with JB Hi-Fi to design and develop a customer preference and profile management centre that complements their marketing goals. The preference centre also gives customers control over what they receive from JB Hi-Fi and ensures that JB Hi-Fi is compliant with spam regulations.

Email Experts helped JB Hi-Fi develop a data-rich marketing strategy that incorporates customer surveys, stated responses in the preference centre and tracks customer behaviour on the website, email and other channels. This enables JB Hi-Fi’s marketing team to engage with their customers in a personalised and meaningful way.