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Bulk Nutrients Email Marketing Automation Migration

Bulk Nutrients is one of Australia’s most loved supplement brands. They source the best ingredients from around the world and manufacture their products in their factory in Tasmania.

Email Experts worked with Bulk Nutrients to migrate from Infusionsoft to the Klaviyo Email Marketing platform and to integrate Klaviyo with their Ecommerce platform, BigCommerce. The integration enabled Bulk Nutrients to understand their customer behaviour data and key customer segments. By analysing the website and purchasing behaviour data Bulk Nutrients is able to target their customers with key messages at the most critical times and maximise sales opportunities.

Email Experts helped Bulk Nutrients warm up their new IP address to ensure email deliverability and sender reputation was upheld, and spam reports were minimised. This step is vitally important during a migration to continue to successfully land in customer inboxes. Otherwise, you risk landing in customers’ spam filters and losing a great proportion of your audience. It also affects your brand’s ability to land in inboxes for future campaigns.

In addition, Email Experts helped Bulk Nutrients engage a substantial number of customers who hadn’t previously engaged through email. We significantly increased the number of email subscribers and increased the growth rate of Bulk Nutrients’ subscriber list. 

Email Experts also provided training to Bulk Nutrients to help them take advantage of the capabilities of the Klaviyo Email Marketing platform. Customer segmentation was particularly important to Bulk Nutrients because they have a large variety of customer segments including athletes in almost every discipline, health enthusiasts, hikers, bodybuilders, weight loss customers and more. The training included how to quickly segment customers, deploy marketing campaigns in email that aligned with other marketing channels and understand and utilise AI and automation technologies.